Who we are


Since 2017 We were Registered in Jordan By Ministry of Sports & Olympic Committee, Ministry of Interior, Also We were Registered in Europe, Ireland and Brazil, We registered by IPSC (International Police Sports Council) in Canada which is certified from UN –DESA, (United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs) & ISC (International Sports Council Canada).

We were Registerd too in FIEP (Federation International Education Physique) in Romania which is Certified from IOC (International Olympic Committee) in Switzerland,  & ICCSPE (International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education) In Germany – Berlin.

We are a Partnership too with ISAC (International Sports Affairs Committee) In USA – California, And Certified in REST ( Registered Exercise Sports Trainers) & WTA ( World Trainers Association) in Greece.

Our Mission

We give our Experiences to you through Courses and Workshops for Instructors, Trainers, Players and Sports Practitioners
, which fit for both genders.

We offer you various Courses like Sports Sciences, Fitness, Sport Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Workouts, Aerobics, PT (Personal Training), GX (Group Exercises Classes), Fighting Fitness Related with music, UFF Cardio, Combat Fit, Boxing Fit, Dancing Fit, Aero boxing, Cardio Kickboxing and Combat Self Defense Skills.

After passing our Courses successfully, you will be awarding an International  Certification.

Our Target

We have a spirit to develop Skills of Sports for Students and Trainers in the Universities, Schools, Academies, Sports Centers and Clubs worldwide.

We are ready to travel anywhere to give our Experiences.

You can be also one of our Official Representatives in Your Country,

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About The CEO & Founder Mutaz Abdallah,

He’s Certified Locally & Internationally instructor of Fitness Workouts, Sports Therapy, Combat & Self Defense, Kickboxing,
Fighting Fitness, Boxing Fit, Aerobics, Tae Power Fit
Champion of Karate & Kickboxing, 1st Degree Black Belt Karate, 2nd Degree Black Belt Kickboxing, 5th Degree Black Belt Combat & Self Defense, Certified Olympic Trainer In Physical Preperation Level 1

M'utaz Abdallah

Our Accreditations






Uff world federation RIGHTS

The Federation’s rights are reserved to the Jordanian Ministry of Ianterior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jordanian Ministry of Justice and the International Sports Court.
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